5 Reasons to get your workout Gear Right

There’s an awful lot of gorgeous sports and active wear on
the market – we should know! We spent a long time getting our collection just
right. However, exercise wear isn’t really like anything else that you wear.
Whether you’re an endurance athlete or just getting started, you need your kit
to work with your body. Wearing the right kit can also have a huge positive
psychological impact on your performance, removing the very last barrier
between your body and getting it moving.

Here’s our top 5 tips on how to dress for exercise. 

1. Stay dry

It might seem a bit technical and
maybe a little over the top if you are just starting on your exercise
adventure, but you are going to sweat much more and much more easily than you
can imagine. Invest in breathable fabrics that wick, or take away, away
moisture from your skin. This will help you to feel cooler and drier and
generally less sticky. When you’re trying to give it your all, you don’t want
to think about clingy clothes.

2. Strength training

You don’t have to spend the earth
to get amazing workout clothes but it is highly likely that you will wash your
clothes at the end of every workout session. Look for exercise wear that has
good stitching and good material.

You may also to think about
investing in a pair of gloves to save getting callouses on your hands once you
start lifting heavier weights.  I
personally prefer leather gloves although they may take a few weeks to wear
in.  I tend to lose mine before they need
replacing and if you buy a good quality glove you can even put them in the washing
machine on a short wash.  I tend to buy
gloves that have a wrist wrap around so they can support my wrists when doing
really heavy deadlifts etc.

3. The great outdoors

If you’re going to be heading
outside for a jog or a boot camp, make sure that your clothing gives you the
protection that you need. While you may opt for sleeveless vests in the summer,
opt for sleeves in the winter, no matter how hot you get.

Keep the cold weather at bay with
layers of breathable tops, including a ventilated outer layer, that you can
take off and put on as required. Remember to have a warm layer ready to pop on
after. It’s tempting to cool down naturally but be kind to your body and don’t
let yourself get too cold, too quickly. 

4. Comfort matters

You’re going to be working hard –
the least you can do is to feel comfortable. Trainers that pinch, leggings that
chaff, tops that gape are going to distract you and could even put you off
future exercise. Remember, your brain is looking for any reason to get your
body out of a session. Make sure that you feel confident and comfortable in
what you are wearing – you’d be surprised at the positive impact it could have
on your performance.

5. Moving and shaking

There’s a reason we don’t run in
heels…. You need to exercise in clothes that are fit for purpose. You won’t
master yoga poses or hit your first 5k in clothes that won’t let your body move
as it needs to.

You are doing something amazing
for your body, mind and soul – it’s only fair that you give yourself a fair
chance and dress accordingly. Yes, that is total permission to treat yourself
to something that’s going to help you get moving.