Own your goals

You’re here and reading this – you’re headed in the right direction. However, if this is your first step on the way to getting fitter and moving more, it can feel really daunting, even though you know the benefits of feeling stronger, happier, leaner and more dynamic.

But it’s not that easy, is it?

So many of us hit January with great intentions. We start out, uncomfortable in our clothes and our own skin after Christmas, we bite off more than we can chew and we’re back on the sofa in our pyjamas before the end of January

Not this year!

This year, you are going to create some achievable, bite-size goals that signal the start of a new, life-long relationship with exercise and you’re going to smash it.

Timing is everything

We’ve all got busy schedules so where you slot your exercise in can be key to how successful you are in hitting your goals. Morning exercise is an amazing way to get it done and dusted and out of the way before the demands of the day start. If you can set aside 15 minutes a day to do some form of exercise, you are already on to a winner. A 15-minute walk can become a 15-minute jog by the Spring and 15 minutes’ HIIT will make a big difference to your fitness levels.

Look at your priorities

Sit down with a pen and paper and work out what you absolutely have to do every day and what you could re-arrange to make sure that your exercise comes higher up the list of priorities. Work and family will be right up there, but there have got to be ways to claw back a few moments every day for yourself. Let’s look at that again- for yourself. People may need you but you’ve got a whole lifetime to take care of. You need to make sure that your own body, mind and soul can go the distance. Make your list, ensuring that exercise is on it and use your time wisely

Bit by bit

You can set yourself some targets. Simple, achievable targets that – with a little effort – you will hit. Here’s a few that you can choose from:

  • One exercise class a week, whether in a club, gym or in your own living room
  • Stretch once a day – there are many resources out there to help you understand what stretches you can do
  • Walk or jog a kilometre

Join a sports club – the hardest bit is the moment that you say hello. It all gets easier after that

Get the gear

Invest in what it is that you need to get moving, whether that be a pair of trainers, leggings or gym gear.

Wear it, make it part of your daily uniform, become comfortable in leaving the house, dressed for activity and you are much more likely to make it happen